Our Guarantee to Our Clients and Alumni

To be clear, there can be no absolute "Guarantee" when it comes to an individual who has free will to make choices. However, when you become a client of Elevate Addiction Services, we try to give you all the tools and put safeguards in place to make sure you don’t relapse after completing inpatient treatment. But no matter how hard we try, we will admit that statistically relapse sometimes happens. No treatment is 100% perfect, it all depends on the client's actions and motivation.

At Elevate, here are the aftercare measures we establish to help you avoid relapse:

  • Detailed post-treatment plan
  • Coordination with family or loved ones regarding discharge
  • One-on-one aftercare over the phone with staff
  • Referrals to support groups near your home
  • Vocational training and internship opportunities

Aftercare Addiction Service Graduation CeremonyAvoiding the Revolving Door

We truly believe that anyone who is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction can change and lead a successful life, and we see it happen every day. Many short-term rehab facilities treat the person’s physical addiction and hardly touch on the underlying causes. When this happens, addicts are very likely to relapse. This essentially creates a revolving door for both the addict and the rehab center.

Elevate Addiction Services genuinely wants to help people recover from addiction, and we’re committed to those who work hard to honestly achieve sobriety. Our Number 1 concern is helping our clients lead ongoing, successful lives. This is why we offer such a thorough rehab program, from detox to aftercare – and even beforehand with intervention services, if needed.

Our 6-Month Guarantee

We are so confident in our holistic treatment program that we offer a 6-month aftercare plan to each and every successful graduate. There are conditions, but for graduates who are following their discharge plan and still relapse despite our help, it is available. As one of the only drug and alcohol rehab centers to offer such an exclusive guarantee, Elevate is absolutely determined to help graduates stay on the right track.

What Does the Guarantee Entail?

Should you be led astray on the path to sobriety, as a graduate of Elevate, we welcome you to return to one of our facilities for additional treatment – so long as a bed is available – for up to 30 days!

Clients who privately paid for our program will incur no additional costs for needing to return to our facility after graduation. For clients who used their insurance plan for our program, we will assess the level of care required and then bill at the appropriate daily rate. Some restrictions apply, so please discuss this opportunity further with our admissions counselor.

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