ADDICTION Doesn’t Have to Define You Forever

Most treatment programs, including those that use the 12-step model, view addiction as an incurable disease that needs to be kept in remission. At Elevate, we believe in treating the person, not the disease. Our non-12-step rehabilitation program located in Northern California, goes beyond just battling addiction and instead seeks to address the root cause of the behaviors that led to addiction.

We do not buy into the idea of “once an addict, always an addict.” Our experience helping thousands of people through the recovery process has taught us that it is possible to recover permanently from addiction, rather than constantly struggle to maintain sobriety.

Watch the video below to learn how another individual was able to overcome their addiction and maintain sobriety:

A Unique Non-12-Step Rehab Program in California

At Elevate, we take a non-12-step holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment that focuses on two key aspects of lasting recovery:

  1. Alleviating the physical and emotional aspects of addiction
  2. Strengthening the individual’s determination, self-respect and confidence in living his or her own life successfully

Our clients begin their recovery journey by going through a holistic, medically supervised detox process to rid the body of toxic substances, handling the physical reliance on drugs and/or alcohol, alleviating withdrawal symptoms, and beginning the process of replenishing their body with healthy nutrients. We also provide education and support to aid clients mentally and emotionally during the detox process. Once complete, the client is ready to address deeper issues and start preparing for a substance-free life worth living.

SMART Recovery® Program with a Holistic Approach

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone benefits from the traditional 12-step AA/NA program. That’s why we utilize a non-12-step rehab program called SMART Recovery® which stands for Self Management And Recovery Training.

What Is SMART Recovery?

The SMART Recovery® method provides structured guidance, support and camaraderie throughout the recovery process, and can continue to be a source of support after inpatient treatment. As an alternative to 12-step programs, there is no religious component, so it is comfortable for people of all backgrounds, regardless of spiritual beliefs.

SMART Recovery® Approach

  • Teaches self-empowerment and self-reliance.
  • Encourages individuals to recover and live satisfying lives.
  • Teaches tools and techniques for self-directed change.
  • Meetings are educational and include open discussions.
  • Advocates the appropriate use of prescribed medications and psychological treatments.
  • Evolves as scientific knowledge of addiction recovery evolves.

At Elevate, we take a very open approach to spirituality, fostering an environment that is accepting of people from various backgrounds and belief systems, and we have found the SMART Recovery® method aligns well with this secular approach to treatment.

By combining the SMART Recovery® support program with holistic and therapeutic treatment methods that address the underlying source of addiction, we help our clients achieve the same benefits they would from a 12-step program, plus so much more.

Integrated Holistic Addiction Treatment

The most effective type of addiction treatment is an integrated approach that combines the best conventional methods with proven alternative therapies.

Our integrated, holistic treatment program is customized to each client and can include these holistic and clinical components:

SMART Recovery® Approach

  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Breathing exercises and meditation
  • Nutritional awareness education
  • Body rejuvenation therapy
  • Art and music therapy
  • Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Physical fitness
  • Adventure and experiential therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Personal development education

90-Day Long-Term Residential Rehabilitation Program

There is no immediate fix to addiction recovery. Scientific studies have shown that long-term addiction recovery programs that last three months or longer have the lowest rates of relapse.

While most treatment facilities only offer a 30-day program option, here at Elevate we also offer a more long-term treatment option with our 90 day residential program. We believe that addiction treatment can’t have a one-size-fits-all attitude and expect to be successful with an array of clients; each of our clients is an individual that needs personalized care and treatment. Therefore, while some of our clients may find success with our 30-day program option, many of them need more time and therapy to identify and address the root cause of their addiction, and this is why our primary treatment program is an average of 90 days long.

We Tackle the Root Cause of Addiction with Long Term Care

Our 90 day residential program in Northern California gives clients the time they need to fully detox, learn sobriety skills, and actually practice those skills while they continue to address their underlying causes of addiction through continued treatment.

Our 90 day program is results based rather than time based, meaning that clients move to the next step of their treatment program when they are personally ready, rather than based on pre-set time limits for each step. Through our extensive pre-screening and admissions process you can determine whether our 90 day program is a better option for you or your loved one.

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How Non 12 Step Holistic Treatment Saves Lives

Before coming to Elevate, Conley was abusing opiates for 10 years. He had been to other rehab programs in the past that were ineffective for him. Conley came to Elevate with a different outlook on treatment and found that non 12 step holistic treatment is exactly what he needed to overcome opiate addiction and rekindle family relationships. Watch Conley’s story to learn more.