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Expert Dan MansonDan has been working in the addiction rehabilitation industry for over 20 years. With CATC (Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor) and CADC-CS (Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor-Clinical Supervisor) credentials and extensive experience as a rehab director and president, Dan brings a unique and modern perspective to substance use disorder and the problems faced by addicts, families, and communities.

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December 15, 2017

Expert Corner: How to Find the Motivation for Detox and Rehab
I’m tired of how my life is going. I hate myself half the time, but I don’t think I can do rehab. Every time I’ve had to go without heroin for any length of time, it has been awful. I mean seriously awful. Like I didn’t know that kind of pain and stress existed. If I do rehab, I’m going to have to detox. And that scares the hell out of me. But I also know how weak I am. And the thought of relapsing and then having to go through detox more than once would be a complete nightmare. ...

July 27, 2017

Expert Corner: How Do You Regain Trust After Addiction?
My brother won’t believe I’m clean. I haven’t used in over six months. I’m on Suboxone maintenance and back at college, where I aced my first semester. I understand that my brother has seen me high like so many times, but he hasn’t seen me use since Christmas. I don’t understand this. I only ever go out of the house with him! It feels pretty sh*tty. I’m not like pushing hard to convince him, I want him to have some trust in me. He said that even if I said I was clean for the next 10 years he still ...

June 8, 2017

Expert Corner: Are False Positives in Drug Tests Common?
Here’s what happened. I just finished a treatment program cause I’m an alcoholic. I was moving from the center to a sober living facility but I have to take a piss test first. The guy there gives me a really cheap-ass test. I take it and he says I came up positive for oxy. I haven’t taken oxy in like two years. Docs gave me naltrexone and Wellbutrin to go with Lexapro. Would those affect the test? I’m going to take a real one tomorrow but now everyone thinks I’m relapsing and another friend from rehab just OD’ed. I’m on ...

June 1, 2017

Expert Corner: How Do You Deal with an Addicted Parent?
My wife’s mother is in her 70s and is constantly bouncing between hospitals, inpatient facilities, and various rooms-for-rent. She only seems to be able to stay sober for a month at a time. My wife is in her 40s and has been affected by her mom’s addictions for almost her entire life. She has somehow managed to become a responsible adult and loving parent. And not an addict. Her mother has stayed with us a few times since our four year marriage. It always starts with her sober and us having strict rules, but it always ends badly and explosively, ...

May 25, 2017

Expert Corner: Does LSD Permanently Rewire Your Brain?
Ever since I dropped LSD a few times, music just makes cry, like 2-5 times a month, sometimes even more. I’m not complaining. It feels amazing to feel the emotion in the music. But some people say that trips like that permanently mess up your brain’s wiring or make you numb. Is that true?   There has been a ton of research done on the effects of LSD and the dangers associated with taking it, so I won’t repeat that here. But the short answer is that there are potential long-term consequences, particularly from prolonged usage. Anything that severely affects the mind ...